No Good Reason

In my previous post, I spoke of politics in terms of liberal and conservative, rather than Democrat and Republican. That’s because my chief focus was on philosophy, not on party. But since left and right in our society are virtually synonymous with the two major parties, I may as well address the elephant in the room: I don’t like the Republican party. (See what I did there?) They’re incompetent, ineffective, and often play the same political games as Democrats.

Nevertheless, when Republicans mess up or play dirty, I know which standards they’ve broken. I can’t say the same for Democrats; as I said in my last post, their standard is whatever they want it to be at any given time. Yet no matter how many times their standards change, I find myself at odds with them on virtually everything.

Case in point?

The Constitution – It may not be perfect, but it’s as close as it gets. It established a system of law to protect us from tyranny, so that only with the consent of a majority could it be legally altered. Unfortunately, the liberal shift of the past several decades has chipped away at those protections to appease a loud minority instead. And since they can’t win support for radical change, the left is happy to circumvent the law to impose their will on the rest of us. In so doing, they would remove the very safeguards that keep them in check. They don’t just want the wrong things; they want to get them the wrong way. In the minds of the left, tyranny is something that happens only when their rights have been threatened. In their ignorance, they look for “progress” by abandoning the Constitution – which would lead right back to the mobs, wars, and dictatorships from which it protected us… and eventually we would all lose our freedom as a result.

Government control – We don’t need Washington ruling our lives or regulating the economy as if they know what’s best for us; it only leads to counterproductive failure and a gradual decline of civil liberties. We don’t need appointed bureaucrats and “experts” making decisions over which we have no say; we elect representatives to govern us so that we can hold them accountable. We don’t need the government to guarantee our happiness through special treatment or financial support; their job is to protect our rights and ensure our safety. And we shouldn’t be modeling our government on some of the worst in modern history; socialism is still a bad idea, even if we put the word “democratic” in front of it.

Identity politics – Nobody should be judged by the race or identity group to which they belong – regardless of the guilt or suffering with which that group is generally identified. It only sows division between groups based on a handful of isolated incidents that fail to represent the bigger picture. And no one’s race should afford them special privileges, exemptions, or sympathy under the law when they’ve committed a crime.

Justice – Criminals should be punished in accordance with their crime. We shouldn’t treat people differently for the same offense – regardless of race, class, or political affiliation. We shouldn’t concern ourselves with rehabilitating those who owe a debt to society. We shouldn’t expect crime to cease if fewer arrests are made. We shouldn’t restrict police officers from enforcing the law as needed. And we shouldn’t protect the rights of criminals over citizens.

Foreign policy – It does no good to accommodate foreign nations for which we’re not responsible, but the left disagrees – usually in the worst possible way. They support and sympathize with Middle Eastern terrorists who despise the west. They make excuses for Chinese oppression so that we can have nice things. They romanticize Communist dictatorships as if they were compassionate. They want to open the Mexican border to illegal aliens. And they want to prioritize international interests above our own. The mayor of New York isn’t responsible for Los Angeles; my parents weren’t responsible for the neighbor kids; and I don’t think the United States should assume responsibility for the rest of the world.

Political correctness – There’s nothing virtuous about finding offense in everything, especially when the people who demand sensitivity are guilty of far worse. The hypocritical marriage of insult and injury is a form of manipulation that allows the left to project their own vice onto their opponents. But I don’t believe any of it for a second. I don’t buy the outrage over “disrespectful” comparisons to Hitler and the Holocaust from the same people who call everyone Nazis. I don’t buy the outrage over election integrity laws from the same people who cry voter fraud and foreign interference every time they lose. I don’t buy the outrage over crude jokes and unsubstantiated claims of rape from the same people who ignore every credible accusation against their own. I don’t buy the outrage over “kids in cages” from the same people who normalized and exacerbated the practice. And I don’t buy the outrage over one afternoon on Capitol Hill from the very same people who celebrated six months of violent, deadly riots.

Conspiracies (and conspiracy theories) – The thing about conspiracy theories: some of them are true, and some of them aren’t. We should investigate every claim before accepting or rejecting them. The left has spent years telling us that our president was a Russian pawn; that the nation was teeming with white supremacists; and that climate change is going to kill us any time now. Meanwhile, they’ve spied on their political opponents; buried sex scandals and corruption claims within their own party; and took advantage of the recent pandemic to spread fear and pass arbitrary restrictions that none of them followed… while blaming their political opponents for the scope of the disaster, excusing their own contribution to higher death counts, hiding the origins of the virus, and downplaying China’s role in allowing it to escape. Do they even know what a conspiracy is?

Religious freedom – For all that I said in my previous post, it still has to be said that the left is not merely un-religious, but actively anti-Christian. They have no use for the Creator mentioned in our Declaration. They only support freedom of religion until it gets in the way of their policies. They treat secularism as a “neutral” perspective to be promoted above any faith. They hold to a “separation of church and state” fallacy that disdains any public display of religious conviction. They have no regard for the religious tradition of the west, even if they have no grounds for claiming moral superiority without adopting the language and philosophy of our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Free speech – It’s true that there are lots of things people shouldn’t say – but they’re still free to say them, regardless of who they offend. There’s no inherent wickedness in a word apart from its actual meaning and context. If we put limits on what people are allowed to say, we’re giving up the most fundamental right that we have: the ability to disagree. That’s why we have no right passing laws to benefit some people over others or outlawing words and phrases that hurt our feelings. It’s why we have no right censoring people for sharing unpopular ideas; punishing people for stating their opinions; digging up old messages to publicly shame people we don’t like; or forcing people to say things they don’t believe in. Those who want to silence the other side should never be trusted.

Language – The manipulation of language on the left is remarkably successful at misleading people. They use euphemisms for love, choice, and equality to hide the truth about the policies they support. They redefine negative terms like racist, immoral, unconstitutional – even court-packing – to mean anything they don’t like. They pretend that man, woman, and marriage have suddenly taken on new meaning because they’ve been stripped of the original. They talk as if babies spring into existence on this side of the birth canal just because they stop calling it a fetus. They seek to change truth itself by simply denying it over and over.

Family – The government needs to stop asserting itself on the life and meaning of the family; their only concern should be to protect it. We don’t need them educating our children or telling us how to raise them. We don’t need them disparaging the traditional two-parent household through stupid proclamations about the changing times. We don’t need them incentivizing single motherhood through welfare checks. We don’t need them reimagining the institution of marriage – especially without the consent of the people. And we don’t need them throwing support behind the ever-more tangled mess of “alternate lifestyles” that have arisen out of the general decline of stable families.

Sexuality – I don’t believe we should be defined by our sexual proclivities, nor do I believe the government should be promoting the idea. I don’t believe that sex is inherently good and acceptable, something to be pursued for its own sake. I don’t believe in buying or selling it as a commodity. I don’t believe in forcing it on an unwilling partner. I don’t believe in sex with animals, sex with children, sex with relatives, or sex with strangers. I don’t believe in sex with those made like us and not for us according to nature’s design and purpose. I don’t believe in group sex, virtual sex, or imaginary sex. I don’t believe in sex with those who are committed to someone else or even those to whom we aren’t committed ourselves. And I don’t believe in breaking a commitment of sexual fidelity. In short, I don’t believe in sex outside of a lifelong commitment between a man and a woman – as intended by God and perpetuated by all of human history.

Feminism – Women aren’t empowered by modern feminism. It doesn’t make them happier; it makes them miserable. They don’t have to eschew the traditional values of marriage and motherhood; after all, it was good enough for the majority of their mothers and grandmothers. There is pride and joy in making a home, but they need to make responsible choices for themselves and their children. They shouldn’t be raising kids alone. They shouldn’t have to provide for their families. They shouldn’t have to fend for themselves. They have no duty to support men or protect men. They shouldn’t be treated like men or act like men. They don’t benefit from masculine pursuits or competition. They aren’t suffering from constant oppression. They’re irreplaceable in some jobs and unqualified for others. They’re not superior or inferior to men, but they’re not perfect equals – because men and women aren’t the same.

Gender identity – Sex and gender are the same thing; there are only two; and neither can be defined outside of biology. That’s not a social construct; the “gender spectrum” is. “Non-binary” people don’t exist, and “trans” people are confused. Men can’t bear children, and women can’t impregnate anyone. No self-identification, hormonal treatment, surgical mutilation, or prosthetic implants can change that fact. Even if they could, it would be neither sane nor just nor compassionate to do so. It does no good lying to people or humoring their delusions, reshaping society or denying reality to accommodate those in need of therapy. Children can’t make decisions about their gender; they’re still learning to dress themselves and use their imagination. Gender theory is the work of a psychopathic pervert (John Money) who experimented on children – and eventually drove them to suicide. Children shouldn’t be taught this nonsense. No doctor should be allowed to perform “gender transition” on our miserably confused youth. No parent should be losing custody of their child because our sick elites want to use them as guinea pigs. There should be no mandate or compliance with that kind of madness, and nobody who accepts it should be allowed to continue in public service or polite society.

Abortion – If human life has any meaning, it begins at conception. The very idea of a child being “born” is past tense for the “bearing” (or “carrying”) of a child for nine months. But our lives don’t become valuable when the doctor cuts the cord; our lungs first receive oxygen; or our mother decides she wants us. There’s nothing inhuman about an unborn child who depends on its mother to live. And taking the life of an innocent human being is wrong – even and especially our own children. Nobody should be denied life just because they’re small, silent, and unseen. Pregnancy isn’t an inconvenience to be dealt with by sucking out a baby’s brains or ripping it to pieces for easier removal. No such barbarity should be allowed for the convenience of careless and selfish parents – even if the children are better off in the presence of God. Not even the worst-case scenarios justify the legality of the other 99% who are killed because someone couldn’t figure out how to avoid conceiving children. Calling it “healthcare” doesn’t change anything. We shouldn’t ignore human suffering by denying the humanity of the victims – especially the most innocent, most helpless, most dependent people in the world. And there’s nothing worse than a society that devalues its own children – infants! – to the point of disposal like gory piles of trash.

But this will be the legacy of the Democratic Party – just like slavery, Jim Crow, and the Ku Klux Klan. They believe in nothing. They stand for nothing. They have no foundational principles. They demand compassion and justice – but only when it suits them. They support contradictory causes. They value appearance over accomplishment, style over substance, quantity over quality. They hate anyone who disagrees with them, including our ancestors – who overcame and accomplished hardships we can’t imagine so that we wouldn’t have to. They slander their opponents as extremists, then weep and wail at similar treatment. They blame everything on “systemic” problems that can’t be solved and accuse everyone of bigotry who doesn’t adhere to party doctrine. They always go for easy solutions: the federal handout, the most popular opinion, the victim card. They want the government to control everything, and they’ll use any excuse to get there – up to and including the exploitation and outright murder of children. They deny reality: the world is ending, the past never happened, riots are peaceful, words are violence, criminals are heroes, conservatives are terrorists, men are women, babies aren’t human, and the very words that come out of their mouths are part of a right-wing conspiracy to rule the world. Indeed, the left has reverted to pre-Christian ideals of society: idolatry, tyranny, decadence… even child sacrifice. And like every other cult in the world, they think it’s good.

There’s a clever little book called Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide, in which the author tries his best to present the party’s platform in a thorough and concise manner. It’s a good read, so I won’t give away too much; suffice to say, he does as good a job as possible with the subject matter. But I see no good reason to vote for a jackass. (See what I did there?) I hope I’ve made my reasons clear.

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